59+ Good Night Quotes, Messages and Sayings For Success 2019

59+ Good Night Quotes, Messages:

Good night Quotes are the beautiful Sayings, If you care about a person you can share a Good night message to show your love towards that person. It increases the connection between two people and shows that you care and love them.

good night quotes

59+ Lovely Good Night Quotes- 2019

1. I started my Day with you saying Good morning and I finish my day at you saying Good Night.

2. The night is the time when Peace comes in negative people Goes out.

3. Night comes and Gives signal that new day will come and it's your new chance.

4. I start the day with Dream and I go to sleep by going one step forward towards that Dream.

5. A man should forget his anger before he lies down to sleep- Mahatma Gandhi

6. I have a perfect reason to say Good Night because you make my night actually Good.

7. Work for yourself in Day and Love what you get In Night from Day Goodnight.

8. My day starts at you and ends at you.

9. I want to be yours this night, Hold me tight please don't fight so switch off the light and Good Night.

10. Night time is the time when we meet ourselves.

11. Day or Night my Love for you never Changes.

12. Be what you are instead of what others wanted you to be.

13. Every new Day starts I have more love for you.

14. Your Positive Light inside should break Night Dark.

15. Stop clock Because I don't want to end this night with you.

16. Saying you Good Night is not in my hand, I want to with you forever.

17. The day ends and Night Life starts in which I will be what I am not in Day Good Night 

18. Carry on your Spirit of Joy till the day ends and your success should speak Good Night😉

19. Stars Give an example that it does not matter how much darkness is there if you have the spirit you will shine.

20. The night gives you a second chance to start your next day with more confidence and Happiness

21. You will be only what you See Focus on Good

22. The darkness of Night is necessary to less your Ego of Day.

23. People changes as Day and Night so what can we do an only good night.

24. Don't Hold your breath of excitement and Joy for tomorrow its Nighttime

25. Having a Good mindset in Night will give you Positive mornings and happiness.

26. Your Night will be as same as your Day so be around positive people.

27. No one can change if you are not willing to change.

28. Sometimes Night is not for sleep it is for escape.

29. Your Day depends upon how your Night spends, feel positive vibes in Night Daily to have a positive action

30. Spend Day with Happy people because your Night Dreams depend on your Day.

31. You are my life and I love my Life.

32. This Night speaks louder then Day I am the person who loves the Night.

33. Don't allow this Darkness to stop you to achieve your Goals.

34. I love you only for one reason and that's you only.

35. You get what you Deserve not what you want.

36. Hard times are necessary because they bring out real you. Good night

37. Don't forget your mistakes because this will put you grounded.

38. People who change by time have more worth than their past time.

39. Killing time means Killing future and you know what so I am a murderer.

40. Stars are shining pieces describing stories of their own.

41. Learn from Stars that If you are at top also you should not have Ego of it.

42. I have a positive Light, So I don't want to fight it's time to say Good Night.

43. If you want people to Love you then first you should Love yourself.

44. Each and every person geta 24 Hours in a Day it's depends upon us how we are using it.

45. No one will for changing your Life take command for yourself.

46. Miracle Begins only with that one Idea this Night try to achieve that Idea.

47. This Night cannot separate you with me, This darkness is temporary but my love is permanent.

48. Converting Dreams into Reality only needs consistent actions Daily.

49. This Night stop crying for small things and keep trying to bring out from inside you that affect your Life.

50. Smart work always beats Hard work means use Brain wisely, One is making millions in a Day and other is only a few Bucks.

51. Forgot all Crap of Day and Sleep with a positive mindset to have next day positive.

52. This Night should shifts your level up and brings out something new.

53. The night is a Gift that everyone has but not everyone opens it

54. Life is too short to live with others opinions and thoughts this Night create something new.

55. Greatness comes by default when you are doing what you Love.

56. The dream becomes just a thought when you are not taking actions on it.

57. Don't be prepared for Future when your Present is not Like you Dream for it.

58. You can choose two things one is Getting failed after trying something or just regret of not trying.

59. Hope is for losers winners get what they want no matter what it takes.

60. This Night Don't get Jealous through other success create something of your own.

Night Quotes are the positive juice that nourishes our Soul with enthusiasm and positive energy for Next Day. It gives you that power of Positivity and Focus that you need to Create that an epic Life, and yeah some people read Night Quotes to share with their loved ones and with their families, and this is something that I find great because they care for people they know, and this something very special, If you are sharing some beautiful good night quotes with your loved ones, than you are sharing positivity and enthusiasm with them. And if you read these beautiful quotes every night before going to sleep than you are targeting positivity directly for the next day.