Tik Tok Banned From India Finally!! REASONS: Will Tik Tok come Back?

Tik Tok Ban news shocked Indian Youth because Tik tok is one of the most famous app for lipsync and video sharing, and from India alone Tik tok application has its 40% Users.


So, Will Tik tok app come back In India soon or not?

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First let's talk about why Tik tok is going to Banned from India. These are some issues that force Government to Stop this application.

"On October 17 2018 A 24 Year Old Chennai Resident allegedly commits suicide because of harassment by other tik tok users, He got harrased because He makes his videos in attire of Girls (Female)

So, Some famous tik tok stars react to those videos and trolls him on application and by doing this that Guy gets Viral on whole application and after some Days he is receiving messages in abusing or Disrespect language.

He is unable to tolerate all this for so long so because of this he commit suicide"And this is not the only reason why Tik tok is getting banned, there are many reasons and second most powerful reason to Ban tik tok is "Vulgarity and adult content that is not family friendly and it effects small children's mind".

Now, because of the Court Order Google and Apple has Down Tik tok application from their stores, now new people who wants to Download tik tok is unable to get that application. Now, tik tok has given official statement on their sites that tik tok is not permanently banned, It is only taken down for some time and it will back soon on stores of Google and Apple.

On Feb 22 Three college students are trying to make some best videos for their tik tok, for that they try to shoot videos on their motor cycle and because of making videos they lose their concentration from driving and they rams into truck and after this incident many 1 student Died and two students get heavily Injured.

The main conclusion of whole this topic is We should not get involved too much in an application that it affects our real life.

Tik Tok is only taken Down from Google and Apple there is no proper information about ban in India, maybe after some Days it comes back and people get allowed to download it from anywhere.

Tis tok is promoting adult content and vulgarity and it can be the reason if it gets banned in India.

Most people are very creative on Tik tok and they use that platform to show their talent but some people don't take this platform seriously and they create vulgar videos and clips for some followers and to Gain some fame and money.

People should try to put Quality content on tik tok so this platform stay safe.
Tik tok is very useful application people can also earn money from tik tok if you gain a certain amount of followers, people will start recognising you and eventually you get some brand deals and sponsorships on your tik tok videos or on Instagram.

Tik tok stars like Manjull and Faisu are earning more than 5 Lakhs a month, through Brand Deals and Sponsorships.

So at the end the Conclusion is If you want this platform to come back than all you have to do is Create safe and family friendly content that makes everyone happy, Don't try to fake yourself on any application to Gain some so called followers.