52+ Happy Short Life Quotes for Positive Day

SHORT LIFE QUOTES: Quotes has power to dig inside a person and take most out of it, If you are Happy you can share a Quote, If you are Sad you can express that with a Quote, If you are feeling special you can share that feeling to your loved ones with a simple short life quotes.

52+  Beautiful Short Life Quotes:

1. GOAL is to Die with Memories not with Regrets.

2. Feel Happiness inside you not negative outside.

3. Express yourself everyday with energy and happiness and see how life changes.

4. Best Decision to take in Anger is to not take any decision.

5. Don't be too kind by compromising your self respect.

6. Dominate your problems and Defeat them.

7. See Big Dreams because you will get only what you see and know.

8. Success will give you Happiness and sharing your success will give you satisfaction.

9. Live the way you want life is too short for implementing other decisions on yourself.

10. Make Goals like King and take actions like Lion towards your Goals, Fast and Powerful

11. Feel the one positive thing and enjoy the day.

12. Winners get what they want, Hope is only for Dreamers.

13. Be in your Zone take time for yourself and focus on happiness.

14. Be thankful to what you have now  because you are experiencing what some people can not dream about.

15. You only get what you are hungry about.

 Taste every moment of your Journey of Success because until and unless u are going to reach that Goal, So why not make this Success Journey so Intresting and powerful by this we all can have fun and by seeing things like this way and taking things more lightly we can enjoy hard times also of our lifes when things are not working, and you are losing hope, lets make this whole world a Heaven.

16. Make moves to express not to Impress.

17. Happiness is by product if you are doing what you love.

18. Take every risk possible because life is too short to have regrets.

19. Don't forget those people after success who are against you because they are the reason what you are.

20. If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.

21. The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.

22. Trying things and get fail is better then by not trying and Regret later.

23. Small problems trains you to have POWER in Big life issues.

24. Positive words leads to positive mindset and positive action leads to positive results.

25. Losers see successful people lifestyle and Winners see mistakes and struggle of successful people and learn from them.

26. Life has many new opportunities everyday don't stuck at one place.

27. If u have 3 trusted friends now u have three people of powers more because you are what they are.

28. Nature has the power to share Unimaginable energy that will able to met you by yourself.

29. You are not what you think you are just put a? .

30. Believe in your Goals don't get distracted by seeing other people's failure.

31. If you can't win the game just change the rules of Game.

32. Positive Vision is what makes your Dream into your Future.

33. Just give a little bit push to yourself everyday, it will also count.

34. Say welcome to new opportunities everyday and be the next version of yourself.

35. If you want to make it happy life tie it with your goals not with peoples.

36. Try different types of things if you don't want to be a Robot.

37. You don't need to put energy on easy things, If you want something different from other people do what it takes.

38. Millions dollars can't buy happiness if you are not satisfied with your life.

39. Don't decide Goals by seeing other people's Success.

40. Face life challenges as a warrior and take decisions like a 

41. Calmness is a sign of happiness if you control your emotions, you are master of your life.

42. Actions always pays off only Dreams never.

43. Brightness inside you is sufficient to burn the darkness outside.

44. Peace is bigger then anything if you have this you are already a winner.

45. Don't decide Dreams based what easy Decide dream what satisfy you at you at your last time.

46. Everyone has 24 Hours it's just depend on person how they use that.

47. Opportunities are always there if you have mindset of Winning you will fo whatever it takes.

48. Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: if you’re alive, it isn’t.

Richard Bach

49. Do something that Your Heart should Pop to Live this Life Daily.

50. You will Be a Criminal for yourself if you are going to Kill your Dream in your Life.

51. Find a path that complete your existence on this Earth.

52. Sacrifice something for everything.

53. Negativity and sadness is just would be a thought if you know the real meaning of happiness.

54. Everyone Dies but Not Everyone Lives.

55. If you know how to live you are already better then from 99% people who only knows how to Die.

Explode everything you have inside if it's good or bad but never take your Dreams and thoughts with you at your Deathbed. These short life quotes will boost your mindset towards Joy and Happiness, Every time you feel something low in life Just know one thing that small things are not that make you happy you are already satisfied and Happy if you Don't run behind things you actually don't need in life.
Do what makes you happy everyday and live happily.