Dedicated Cloud Server Hosting and Best 6 Hosting Providers

Dedicated Cloud Server Hosting:

The most powerful and expensive server available until now is a dedicated server. Here a user actually rents a complete system of the machine for running their sites according to their use.

A dedicated server is basically used for sites having huge traffic. So in this article, we will discuss the best dedicated server hosting in India.

Dedicated Server Hosting In India

  With the growth of the internet, the demand for powerful and fast servers is increasing day by day. Also as people are moving online with a very high rate, traffic on the websites are growing
very fast.

This created a demand for superfast and powerful hosting. Where dedicated servers fulfil all thedemands. There are many reputed hosting providers, that provide amazing services, but today we
will list only some of the topmost dedicated server hosting in India.

To be the best, hosting provider must possess some following features. First of all, they must
provide a 100% uptime guarantee, the server must have enough speed so that they can compete for the fulfilment of the need. The dedicated server must give additional features also. Also, the
hosting provider must provide 24*7 support as a user may face a problem anytime. And last but not the least, a user must go for reliable pricing provider.

So Here is the list of best dedicated server hosting in India:-

1) Bluehost
For the best dedicated server provider, Bluehost has achieved one of the most user satisfaction brand.
First of all, Bluehost is reliable for both medium sized site or an enterprise level business. They have many plans for a variety of clients and offers a very affordable price to the users.

They have very powerful servers which are also very fast. Their dedicated server package starts with only 79.99 US dollars per month where a user can get up to 500 GB of mirrored storage
with 4 GB RAM and 5TB bandwidth.

Also, they have 24 hours and 7 days support via live chat or call. And the support team is very cooperative. Also, the company has security of 30 days money back guarantee.

2) HostGator

After Bluehost, HostGator is the second most trusted provider for dedicated server among the users. They provide the superfast SSD storage with high RAM, bandwidth and extra facilities of transfer

One of the best features of HostGator compared to the other providers is that it provides
unlimited data transfers.Here a user can get both linux and windows hosting.
In this company, the starting package price is a little higher. But with some increase of price, this
provider gives lots of many additional features. Which attracts a lot of client.
HostGator has got lots of love from their client. This can be known by looking at the customer
reviews and services. Their service uptime is 99.99% and with a very good server and customer
service, a customer gets a very good user experience.
3) 1&1:
This is a German based company, which has made its name on the field of hosting providers.
This company has not only best deals for small scale businesses but also it is very good for the
big companies.
1&1 hosting provides a bunch of facilities of special features to the clients. This
includes unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificates and many more amazing features. The server
of 1&1 is very impressive and have much power to handle various tasks with an instant.
They also have a very good after sales services, which make it more reliable for the users. So a
user can easily choose 1&1 hosting blindly.

4) A2 Hosting:

One of the most liked hosting providers by the bloggers is A2 Hosting. This hosting provider provides the fastest shared and VPS hosting. A2 Hosting is one of the most popular names in the
hosting field.

Apart from the shared and VPS, they also provide a Dedicated server, which is among the fastest
of all.

A2 Hosting uses various new technologies which make their servers super fast.

They also allow a lot of additional features to their clients, which makes their deal much more
attractive. They have much supportive support team, you can call any time you get a problem and they will solve it for you.

If a user needs superfast experience and a powerful server than A2 Hosting will be the best choice. A little high price can be compromised for a seamless and wonderful experience.

So if speed is the most priority of a user, then they can go for the A2 Hosting.

5) GoDaddy:

With a lot of discounted offers, GoDaddy has made a lot of users base within themselves.
Especially with the offers on the domain they had made their market. And apart from all these
with huge Tv advertisement also they had made lots of clients.

Along with domain, they are also known for their hosting services. But in recent times GoDaddy had also prestigiously become one of the best dedicated server hosting provider.

GoDaddy provides a lot of amazing packages with an amazing price range. They also have a very good server and has a very trusted uptime.
So if you want a good an overall decent server with a proper uptime guarantee and affordable priced dedicated server, then you can go for GoDaddy.

6) Reseller Club:

Reseller Club as it's named is a very popular name for its reseller hosting. But also they has made their name in the dedicated server provider. They have a very good connection with their clients and has become one of the most trustable brand.

They provide dedicated servers with a very cheap price. But reseller club provides two types of deals with same packages. This is a managed dedicated server, which is nearly 4 times the price of the dedicated server.

So if someone is absolutely newbie, they can go through the managed dedicated servers and start
own websites.


Here in the article, we have listed much information about some of the best dedicated hosting providers available in India. So now you can choose the best dedicated server hosting for yourself.