How To make Money Online? Solution For Beginners and Students.

How to make money online? Solution for beginners and students

So if you are searching the ways for How to make money online. So you are in the right place

In today's article, I am going to tell you my secret method of making money online. Firstly I want to clarify that Making money online is very easy nowadays.

By the time the Online market has grown rapidly we see many online businesses who started their career on the Internet and today, they are at a good place and generating good decent revenue.

So if you have a question in mind that How to make money online? So don't worry I am going to help you.

So here I represent My Best method of How to make money online.

#1. Start Your own Applications.

Now I know most of you been wondering that what application? We don't know how to make applications, we don't know to code. So don't worry I am helping you out with this.

Start applications with the host. Means if you start application work with an android studio or another platform you need coding. But in this, you don't need coding. You can start your applications without coding.

For eg: THUNKABLE is a platform that allows people to make free application and with good quality.
Thunkable like platform will do coding for you. You just need to structure and design your application.

You have to just set buttons on the application, that how the application will work and also add your unique idea in that application.

After this just connect your website with Adsense AdMob account and start earning money with this. The application has more money than any other adsense related thing like youtube or website.

If your application went viral and if people found it useful then you cannot imagine how much will you earn You can earn up to 300$ to 400$a day.

#2. Sell Notes.

So in this technique students have more benefits because they can sell their Notes. You can sell notes to someone who is busy and not interested in writing notes, they can easily pay you around $10 to 20 as your work quality.

Sell some educational courses like accountancy series, sell your physics notes, sell notebooks with work done like these all are some small tricks that can easily make for you 100$ a week.

#3. Start Freelancing.

Now, I hope you all listen before about what freelancing is? But if you don't then I am going to clarify it for some of you don't know what freelance is and how it works?

Freelancing is a work where anyone can hire you from any place. Means for example:- Right now Mr X needs to get a logo for his business, So he needs to design it but he doesn't know how to do it. So he will search online logo design freelancers. Then if he likes your work or designs then he can hire you for any amount like 10$ or 20$ per project.

Where to do Freelancing?

Start freelancing on most popular sites like or
They both will give you the best opportunities in your field.

On Fiverr many peoples come daily to hire many people for their small works. Like Logo design, Youtube thumbnail design, Seo, backlinks, all work related to digital.

On Fiverr, you have to just be popular and loyal with customers. You have to give services as you described in your Gigs. If you don't do like this fiverr algorithm will give you less ranking or it might that your gig will not get shown in search results. So be loyal give simple and easy services on Fiverr like Logo Design, Thumbnail for youtube, article writing. These work can easily make you around 300$ to 400$ per week if your rating and reviews are good.

#4. Grow Instagram Pages.

Instagram pages have a lot of powers with them. Instagram nowadays is the most popular social media application to be used. We found most of our friends, family members and other people by using Instagram.

What are the Benefits of Instagram Pages?

It has a lot of benefits like if you have a good Instagram page with lots of followers on it like around 300k or 450k then you can easily use that page for your living in today's world.

Many people are still dependent on Instagram pages for their promotion they have to promote their products in front of a big audience and who have audience more??? Definitely You. If you have a large amount of following on your page then don't worry sponsorships will automatically come to you guys.

I know some of my friends who started their Instagram page on cars and supercars. In 3 months of consistent work, they got over 467K followers on their page and what's interesting about this is that they are charging extreme money from customers. When they started they promote products for like 10$ or 15$ but by the time when they got their audience they are charging huge money like about 250$ to 300$ per post on their page and their average monthly revenue from that page is 1000$.

So what are you waiting for go and start your own Instagram page on any topic you love for example cars, motivational quotes, love, horses, animals, lions choose any topic, but be consistent with it to get results.

#5. Sell Images.

Selling images has its own big Industry, selling of images has become a new and popular way to earn immediate money.

Sell your images on different platforms so anyone can purchase it if he likes them.

You don't know selling images has a lot of potential in it. You can easily make around 500$ per week if your images have good quality.

Magazines and newspapers have to publish many article and news so they also require images so where they find them. They go on sites like Imagebazaar and purchase them.

If you have your own good images so register on websites and sell them on it.


So I think you find this article helpful. I personally tried to solve the problem of all of you that HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE?