All About Testosterone: Low T Symptoms and how to get High Testosterone

What is testosterone, how to get high testosterone

What Is Testosterone?

In men's testosterone is produced in testicles.
 Testosterone is the primary male hormone that is responsible for all aspects like Sex drive, muscle mass, libido, good hair growth, and skin.

In women, testosterone is produced in ovaries and adrenal glands. Women produce less testosterone than men.

Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for the growth of sexual characteristics in men. If you have a balanced level of testosterone in body than you experience better when you are in bed with a partner.

Women also produce testosterone but lower than men, women produce their primary female hormone called estrogen.



In men's testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for muscle mass and strength. If you are suffering from low t than you might get reduced in strength.

It is shown in science that if you have higher test levels than you feel younger and happy and stronger.

#2. Memory loss

Memory loss is the trending issue nowadays because most men are suffering from low test nowadays because of their poor lifestyle.

It is shown and proved in studies that people who have high testosterone or normal level of testosterone they have less issue of Alzheimer. It is a problem of memory loss.

#3.  Lower Libido

It is shown in studies that men who have higher testosterone have a great sex life. Testosterone is responsible for your sexual arousal and erections.

If you are above 30 then don't worry because it is normal at this age. Having low libido in this age is normal.

But if you are young then you will experience good effects of testosterone in your life.

#4. Increase Belly Fat.

Testosterone is responsible for lean muscle mass in men. If you are having low t than you might get some belly fat on your stomach.

You can change this by some testosterone therapy. Testosterone therapy will help you to get rid of fat.

Men with normal test levels get helps in reducing fat or might be they do not have fat on the body.

#5. Facial Hairs (BEARD)

Facial hairs are also dependent on testosterone. You might remember that when you are in younger age (adulthood) than you get more facial hairs on your face. It because of testosterone.

If you have low testosterone that might be you will be unable to get a beard.

Beard is also depended on genetics, means if your dad has a great beard than you also have great beard genetics.

Take testosterone therapy to get full facial hairs.

How To Check For Low Testosterone?

Go to the doctor and consult with them they will do your low testosterone test that is called serum testosterone. A test is used to determine your level of testosterone circulating in the blood.

Testosterone test will help you to know about your present level of testosterone.

Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone boosters will help you to get your testosterone back.

Testosterone Boosters will provide necessary nutrients that will make your body function to get your testosterone levels back at normal or it will increase.

Natural Ways to get back your testosterone levels.

#1. Lift weights

#2. Eat zinc more

#3. Exercise daily.

#4. Eat more Healthy Fats.

#5. Take more Vitamin D

#6. Eat healthy nuts

#7. Eat natural Herbs eg: ashwagandha, shilajit, and many others.