How to Gain Weight? Best Tips To Gain Weight

Start Gaining Weight Process:

So If you are thinking to gain weight. So you are on the right blog because in this blog you find everything that helps you to gain weight.

Gaining weight is the opposite process of weight loss.
Tips and process diet of gain weight

In weight loss, you have to go on caloric deficit diet and in gaining weight you have to go on a caloric surplus.

For going on a caloric surplus you need to find your actual calories. Means how much calories you need to maintain your weight. You can find this by using BMR calculator It tells you all about your calories according to your diet and work.

Once you find your actual calories to maintain weight. Then you need to go on a caloric surplus diet.

If you don't know how to calculate BMR then go on the internet and search BMR calculator it will calculate your calories for you according to your diet and working activity.

What is Caloric surplus Diet

Caloric surplus diet is when you are consuming more than your actual need. By consuming a caloric surplus diet you will gain weight automatically.

What to Eat in Caloric Surplus Diet.

Mainly you need carbs and protein to gain weight. Protein is the main nutrient that helps in building muscle mass. Carbs work as a glycogen for your body. You need to focus on these two things first.

Foods For Gaining Weight

You can eat vegetables and eggs. These are more used items because they provide healthy nutrients to the body.

You can take chicken if you are non -veg. I described all foods necessary for weight gain.

#1. Eggs

Eggs are the best way to start your process of weight gain.

Not because they are cheap but they are useful too.

Eggs provide high-quality protein with an amino acid that is necessary for weight gain and muscle mass.

Eat eggs twice or thrice a week to get more results.

#2 Chicken breast

You need chicken breast because it has lean protein in it.

Lean protein is very useful when it comes to gain weight.

Chicken breast has less or no fat in it. Chicken breast has more zinc in it that helps you get more testosterone.

#3. Rice and Potatoes.

Rice and potatoes are rich in carbs.

Carbs are the main necessary nutrient for gain weight.

Carbs work as a glycogen for muscles.

As you eat carbs it will get stored in muscle and muscle will grow faster.

These are some main foods to start with to gain weight process.

Exercises For Weight Gain.

Do more weightlifting.

It is proven by scientist that is someone is doing weightlifting more as compared to other exercises it gets more results faster.

Start with bicep curls and Deadlifts.

Weightlifting is necessary to do because it breaks muscles tissue and when you eat protein after a workout it gets repaired and it will grow bigger than before.

Things To Take care to get more results.

#1. Sleep more - sleeping less will effect on your hormones and it is not a good thing.

#2. Eat more carbs- Carbs are essential for muscles because it provides energy to work. Carbs work as glycogen for muscles.

#3. Do less cardio- Cardio is not necessary for the gain weight program you need to start weight lifting exercises for weight gain.

#4. Eat a balanced diet.- Take all necessary nutrients to build muscles
Like Protein and carbs and amino acid and Pre-workout.

#5. Give more focus on muscle mind connection - Now this is something interesting many of you don't know about this. This is a very useful thing. You have to just feel the contraction between muscle and mind. So you can develop a better blood flow in muscles and tissues. This process is coming in trend nowadays many big athletes are using this.

I hope this article helps you to gain weight.