49+ Positive Quotes for Success and Life 2019

Positivity is inside you. Once you find that then you don't need and positive quotes for your success. Positive Thoughts is the first step to success. If you are negative all day then your actions and thoughts also get replaced by negativity.

Do what you love to do. Don't work for a comfort zone. It is always hard to fulfill big goals. But once you did that you have satisfaction for your whole life, and when you are sitting on your deathbed you have no regrets as compares to other peoples.


1 Don't judge yourself on other opinions.

2. You are unique. Find your strengths.

3. You are born for a reason.

4. People will tease when they cannot reach to you.

5. Everyday start with a new opportunity.

6. Every Day start at new goals.

7. Feed yourself with knowledge.

8. Every morning should be for your inner peace.

9. You will be fearless when you achieve goals.

10. Give some more time to you and get a better version of yourself.

  • 11. Don't get afraid of taking actions because life is too short.

12. Start a day with a positive hope so you can be better all day.

13. Be smart and wise with kindness.

14. Be loyal to yourself.

15. Be kind but not foolish.

16. The higher learner is always higher earner.

17. Learning gives you earning.

18. Choose your passion, not a job.

19. Do what you love and you don't have to work for a single day.

20. Grip yourself in your vision.

21. You need to focus on work, not output.

22. Take every risk possible because life is too short.

23. Your goal should be in life that there is no regret when you are sitting on your death bed.

24. Choose passion, not money making scopes.

25. Get a vision with your inner belief.

26. Never look up to fail because there is always a lesson in failure.

27. Don't forget those people who give you support when no one is there.

28. The best part of life is you have a choice of taking sadness or happiness.

29. Don't Judge anyone by religion. We all are humans of the same source.

30. If you cannot be a poet than be a poem for others.

31. Be addicted to your passion.

32. Live with Purpose.Don't waste unique life

33. There should be a vision and that should be seen in your eyes.

34. Age is just a number. Just try what you love to do.

35. Good thoughts start with failure.

36. Be a champion, not a champ.

37. Take mastery in your work and destroy competition.

38. Don't be a person who can win the game. Be a man who can change the game.

39. Set goals for daily basis.

40. Be punctual to what you love and be smart with your decisions.

41. Positivity is hidden inside you.

42. Don't chase girlfriends chase goals.

43. Be a leader, not a slave.

44. You get only one shot in this life. Take a very risk.

45. Fear is a cause of lack of experience.

    46. The Best Gift life gives you is smile so open it everyday.

    47. Don't compete with others if you cannot beat yourself first.

   48. Don't be afraid of Failure because you know what stars only shine in Darkness.

  49. Keep moving because new things are hard at first.

  50. You are the only one who can change your Life.