OATS: Benefits of Oats: Healthy and tasty recipe of Oats


Oats one of my favourite breakfast since my teenagehood. I used to eat oats in breakfast daily my mom used to make it for me. I never miss a day without having a bowl of crunchy oats. Oats can help you to provide energy full day because of its nutritional values it is so rich by protein and fiber and carbs. Many people have different reasons for eating oats in breakfast my motive is to stay lean and fit.
Oats : healthy and tasty recipe of oats

So here are some amazing benefits of oats

 4 highly effective benefits of oats you must know.

1. It helps you to reduce weight.

    Oats are rich in fiber it allows you to provide energy all day through your work. Oats are also a good source of protein and all know that protein is very essential in weight to lose strategy.
Oats has carbs that stop you crave at some other foods that are rich in sugar and carbs .oats has healthy carbs it helps you to get rid of bad food source of carbs and sugar and it will maintain your body weight level automatically.


     It helps you to reduce stress. It allows lowering your hypertension in mind. It helps you to increase your efficiency of work to take a cup of the bowl to reduce stress


     Oats help many men/women in this problem. A survey told that more than 30% of men and women get benefits after eating oats. Because oats are rich in fiber. And fiber helps your stomach to make full bowel movement after eating food. So eat a cup of oats in breakfast.

4. Skin benefits

    Oats is one of the best ways to glow your skin in my personal opinion because it has a great effect on my skin also. Oats help you to smoothen skin and remove irritation on skin happened in the day to day life. Oats help you to regenerate new skin cells.

5. Helps in your fitness goal.

    Oats has all necessary nutrients that are required in muscle building or weight loss. It has carbs, protein, fiber, and magnesium it has all vital nutrients that required in fitness journey.



oats are so powerful breakfast because it provides all nutrients in small size means you do not have to eat a big meal at a time you can eat small meal cup f bowl of oats to reach your goal easily.


     A 100 gram of oats are rich in 17 grams of protein and 350 calories by this if you want to gain weight oats are also beneficial for you. And oats are also rich in fibers. They known for their solving problem of constipation. Yes, researchers proved many theories right on this topic that oats are very helpful to those people who have constipation problem.

If you read all this stuff but you don't know that how to make tasty healthy oats breakfast so we give you our recipe for free. Its basic recipe for beginners.  If you want the advanced recipe of oats please comment down below. You will receive that recipe in your e-mail.


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Make the healthiest breakfast ever with our recipe.

1. Take one cup of oats in a bowl
2. Take milk in a bowl hot as per requirement.
3. Take 5 to 7 almonds and put it in the bowl.
4. Then mix both oats and milk wisely.
5. Now put some raisins and strawberries to take this recipe at next level.
6. Now you are ready to be "HEALTHY"

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