TOP 9 Proved Ways to make money Online Smartly.


How to make money Online? In today's world, you are surrounded by much online money making opportunities. So, don't worry about this question that How to make money online? This is not that early period where you have to do a typical business or job to earn some money in return. In today's time, you have a chance to get a jump in this water of online money making centre.

Online money making is not a big deal in today's time. You have to just find your passion and start making money online. Work with passion will always pay you in return. You have to just grab that skills from inside you and start converting those skills into Real Money.
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Yeah, this one is my favourite because I am working with Adsense with very long time and yeah trust me it is absolutely fabulous. If you don't know what is adsense or how it works so here it is? Google Adsense is ad network who set up ads on your website or blog or Youtube channel and in return, you get cash this is the awesome way to monetize your content and make money online. If you have a website or blog or Youtube channel you can easily apply for Adsense and when you apply for Adsense it provides you with a unique code to paste on your website.

This code is provided because Adsense will track your traffic and content and everything about the website. If you are eligible or not for Adsense. Once you get approved you are an amazing place my friend now you can monetize your every single content easily.


Yeah, you may know this thing because if you have a website or large following on anywhere like Instagram or Facebook you can do affiliate marketing easily. How to do? If you visit any website or youtube channel sometimes there you find a link to buy some product or service that is the main link that link is affiliated link. If you purchase anything from there the owner gets commission easily. How to set up an affiliate link? See you can do this by anywhere but I suggest you do with Amazon go and google amazon affiliate programme and set up your link also.


This is the easiest way to earn money quickly. If you have a large following on any platform you can do this thing. You can promote someone products and service..... and you will get paid for that. By one Sponsorship you can make around 100$ a month on starting base. But after some time you have a popular website or channel you can charge heavy money also from peoples

I know a blogger Chris my friend he used to charge around $1000 for one post on his website. Just you have to create a blog ......and start making money online by sponsorships.


Online coaching- This is a modern and smart way to earn money. In online coaching, you do not have to present physically on task. You can provide all knowledge to customers throughout the Internet only. In today time we see many fitness trainers who provide online coaching about health and charging heavy money from customers. So what you have to do is find your skill and represent it on the internet so you can train some people by your way and earn money. Skill can be anything like - Dancing, singing, Health and nutrition,  Yoga training, Freelancing course. Etc.


Freelancing is now in trend. What is freelancing? Freelancing is a way to provide your service or skill online. You can work for anyone from anywhere in the world in freelancing. If you know skills like Logo design, SEO, Digital marketing,  etc. You can start this thing easily.

How to provide service to customers?

Many popular websites are available on internet like FIVERR, and many others I suggest you Fiverr by my side because I am familiar with Fiverr it is best to work on. Go and work and provide your skills.


Now this one is a tricky one. This requires some upfront investment if you are able to invest money this new trend online money making trick is for you. Print on demand? Print on demand is done on many things like Clothes, Mugs, cups, pens, or many other things.

Nowadays customers want to print their favourite photo on their clothes. For eg., A husband wants to gift a t-shirt to her wife. Now he wants to gift something memorable to her. So he decided to print their coupled photo on that t-shirt so how he can do this thing. He will go and search on google print on demand. Where he can find many websites who are providing this service. So he can easily design a t shirt for him online and place an order also on that time.

So what are the profits? This thing works on very huge margins because you are the one who decides the price of a t-shirt. So I want to give eg- I know my friend John he started this business and he created his website on the internet and started marketing about his business. In one week he gets 10 orders online on his website. And you get amazed after listening to his profit. He earned NET PROFIT of 500$ in a month. So what are you waiting for.?

Setup a website that provides this services and markets it on FB ads and smartly does this ok.


No No No I know what you are thinking by seeing this title.... you are thinking that I already started many channels but they are not working and giving me and views or subscribers.

So listen you are doing something wrong my friend that's why you are not growing on youtube.

You have to learn youtube algorithm by this only you can get subscribers on youtube. You have to increase your watch time and Sound quality of your video. Yeah, believe me, I already tried this thing and it works for me. Focus on sound quality and watch time on your channel.

Dantdm is the biggest youtube who is earning about $19.5 million in the past year 2017 so you can also do this. Look connect with people on the channel and start observing a trend in the market that what people are more liking do it like that way. So you can earn from the channel by Adsense and by sponsorships and by selling your own product or affiliate marketing. You can easily earn near about 200$ on starting phase if you follow my strategy.


This is what I do in my past time I started selling photos online on the internet. You can easily make around 500$ a month by selling photos. Just you have to search a website on the internet for selling photos online. Post quality pictures on it and wait for orders for your photos.


Selling ebooks online is the smartest way to capture market this way is in trend now. My suggestion is to you that if you know any skill perfectly by your side than start this work. WHAT IS E-BOOK? Ebook is an online book. In e book, you can provide knowledge about anything online easily. Many websites are available in the market to start this trend easily FOR EG-: Instamojo is very popular for selling ebooks go and register yourself there and get a result.