Life Quotes: 20 Best Life Quotes for you.

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Life Quotes:

Life is a precious thing that gifted to you. You born for a reason in life. Listen my motive is to spend every day of my life as it was my last day on earth. I will do everything that I want to do in my life. I do not want any kind of regret in life when I'm sitting in my death bed. And I also want everybody to get driven happy towards their life. So here I present my Best Life Quotes amongst you.

But first what is the real meaning of life? The real meaning of life is to get satisfaction level at the point. Means you should not have any regret with you. You should love your life to fullest.

What Is The Main Motive Of Life?

There should be the one and only single motive in everyone's life is to get that satisfaction of happiness and satiety in life.

Many people are getting in the wrong way by don't understand the real meaning of life. Life is provided you to live happily. Take risks to do whatever your heart says to do. There is no meaning of life if you are not doing what you love.

Be smart help other people's out there. Look for helping others will provide you with with a different type of satisfaction real love and real satiety you will get by helping other.

Be energised and driven towards life. You get only one life.

 Life Quotes are the best way to find real you who is hidden inside you so my motive is to give the best life quotes. I hope these life Quotes will definitely help you.


#1. Take time for yourself in this unreal life.

#2. Life is full of opportunities. Just open your vision.

#3. Everyday life will challenge you and test your fighting spirit.

#4. Don't think about success and failure in life. Just improve your work skills life will always give you rewards.

#5. Create goals in life. Not events.

#6. You should have the courage to take that jump.

#7. Your biggest enemy is laziness.

#8. You are only the person who can change your life.

#9. People who take action get rewarded whereas people who dream gets only thought of success.

#10. Take your time and do what you love.

#11. People who defend you when you are not around are the true or loyal friends ever.

#12. It costs your inner peace it is too expensive.

#13. No matter what people think just sing your own song.

#14. Lucky people are those who can find true friends in this fake world.

#15. We think too much and do nothing.

#16. Accept the situation and move on. To get a better one.

#17. Don't give up the beginning will always be hard.

#18. I love listening lies when I know the real truth.

#19. Never compromise with yourself for your temporary benefits with another person.

#20. Be that person who makes you happy my friend.


Don't waste your precious time on temporary pleasures. You born for a reason. Take every risk possible in this short life and yeah you will see the results also of all that risks. My opinion is that you have to be fulfilled with your own inspiration and motivation no one can give you or provide you motivation from outside or from a video or book. Be your own light in life. Be positive and take positive actions.