Amazing Best 7 Foods necessary for Weight Loss

So you have thought of losing weight right? Weight loss is an art that everyone can perform. It is a skill. If you think I have to lose weight but don't know what to do and what to eat. So here I represent mine.
Foods for weight loss

 Top amazing best 7 foods for weight loss. 

#1. EGGS

Now by listening to the title, you might be thinking that eggs are high in cholesterol than how it is beneficial?

So here is the answer eggs are good for weight loss. Eggs play a major role if you eat eggs thrice a week in your diet.

Eggs contain the best cholesterol for our body. Eggs are rich in good cholesterol. That is required for our body to function our cells and hormones.

Eggs are also allowed you get low calorie in diet and you will feel like full also.

Eggs give you high-quality protein, and we all know that how protein is important when it comes to weight loss.

Eggs provide you healthy fats, and high-quality amino acids and high protein for weight loss.


I recommend vegetables because they are rich in fiber.

Vegetables work as a nutritious engine for your body as vegetables have any types of nutrients like all minerals and all type of vitamins.

Eat vegetables like spinach, broccoli, Potatoes for carbs. Spinach is rich in zinc that is also required for weight loss.


Eat 10 to 15 almonds every day because it provides you with high-quality nutrients.

Almonds are rich in protein and healthy fats. Protein is needed for weight loss.

Almonds give you fats for production of hormones. If you have good hormones like testosterone and in women estrogen than you are extremely ready.


Now might be you are thinking potatoes why they make us fat?

No, you are wrong potatoes allows you to give more energy throughout the day.

They are rich in quality carbs. Carbs give you fuel for the workout. And we all know that if we do exercise the results come they are also good.

But, don't take them too much take it in the recommended limit.

#5. OATS

Oats are my favourite. They are amazing.

Oats are rich in fiber and magnesium
and oats are very useful when it comes to weight loss.

Oats provide you slow digesting carbs that give you energy throughout

Oats also help you to reduce stress.

Eat oats to get high-quality protein. Protein is the necessary component that is required in weight loss.

#6. CURD

Eat curd because curd is rich in high nutrients that improve digestion.

Curd also increases the immunity power of the body.

The curd is also rich in protein that gives you high protein in a cup of curd.

Curd gives you high calcium that is required to maintain good muscles during weight loss.


Chicken is not good for the heart it high cholesterol levels the of the body. No, my friend and it doesn't

If you eat chicken in limit during weight loss than it is good food for you.

Scientists proved in research that limited amount of chicken is good for body and cholesterol and no risk of heart.

Chicken is rich in protein and amino acids. Protein is required to lose weight. Weight loss process needs high protein so, eat chicken and then limit.

Some more foods are available ithe n market for weight loss. But today I mentioned only Top 7 foods for weight loss. So follow this and get results.